Own a camera, but seem to be stuck shooting in Auto mode?

Want to learn to create consistent, beautiful photographs of your own family?

Want to learn all about Photoshop, and enhancing images from both your DSLR camera & cell phones?

Are you a small business owner wanting to work towards bettering your promotional images?

Want to learn new skills, and work towards opening up your own Photography business?

Join Sprout -- a private, online community where you can learn, develop, receive helpful advice, have questions answered, and grow as an artist. 

This space is perfect for mothers wanting to better photograph their families, people exploring the idea of starting a photography business, small business owners, intermediate photographers, or those who just want to flex their creative muscles.

Sprout is perfect for beginner and intermediate photographers, who want to learn how to:

  • Optimize your camera settings

  • Shoot in Manual Mode & RAW

  • Lens information, and how to create that creamy background no matter the equipment.

  • What ISO, Aperture and Shutter speed means, and how/why/when to manipulate them.

  • How to beautifully hand-edit your images in Photoshop (purchasing actions won't be necessary!)

  • Create graphics, banners, logos, collages, & promotional items in Photoshop

  • Find the light, and how to take a photograph in every type of setting.

  • Use your cell phone to take decent photographs, but enhance them beautifully in Photoshop

  • Edit cell phone images quickly, in a free application.

  • and so much more.

Once a month, we'll have a theme to encourage you to go out, photograph something new, learn, and share with likeminded folks. New editing videos, tips, and camera information will be added weekly. YOUR images and questions will be answered in a safe, encouraging space.


With multiple membership options available and the ability to learn at your own pace, Sprout is perfect for Everyone. EMAIL ME TO JOIN!


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