Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer digitals?
Yes! All of my collections offer a specific number of digitals.

What makes your products better than say, ones I order myself?
The great thing about my professional lab is that each and every product you purchase from me is heirloom quality, and will last for generations to come. I've spent countless hours researching, and testing, so that I can provide you and your family with nothing but the best. Each product comes with a lifetime guarantee, should something happen to it I will replace it at no cost of your own.

How long does it take to edit my images?
Approximately 3-4 weeks

How many images will I have to choose from?
I generally process around 20-25 images from the session. These will be shared with you via an online gallery, where you have the final say of the images you want included with your collection. Can't make up your mind?Additional images are available for purchase.

How long does it take to receive my products?
Once products are paid in full, they generally arrive within a week. 

Do you ship?
Yes, I will ship prints, canvases, and albums!

What sort of payments do you take?
I accept cash, Paypal and all major credit cards.

How do you work around inclement weather?
The weather here in NC can be up and down. I try and work with my clients, their work schedules, and the weather forecast to the best of my ability. I keep a very close eye on the weather patterns about a week leading up to your session date. If the weather looks like it may not cooperate, I will communicate closely with you to set up the best day and time possible to take your photos - it almost always works out one way or another!

Do you provide maternity dresses?
Yes! I have a variety of dresses in stock clients are free to wear during a maternity session in multiple sizes or one-size-fits-all. If there is a color or design you are interested in but I do not have the item in stock, arrangements may be made to order a dress in advance. Please contact me for details.


Do you provide children couture dresses?

Yes! I have so many dresses and tutu's in my client closet for little girls, ranging in sizes 6 month - 8 years. If there is a size you are interested in but I do not have the item in stock, arrangements may be made to order a dress in advance. Please contact me for details.

What time of day is the best to take photos?
On a clear day, about 1-2 hours before sundown. On an overcast day, I usually like to wait till the later half of the day.

Why is lighting so important?
Lighting is, in my opinion, the most critical element in photography. It will make or break your photo. The majority of my work is taken during periods of "soft light" - away from the sun's overhead rays, squinting eyes, harsh shadows across your faces, and neon green grass. Soft light is when the sun is low on the horizon and causes a nice, even, glowing tone across the scenery and face.

Do you photograph weddings?
Not at the moment, my focus is portraiture.


Do you photograph events (birthday parties, cooperate functions, anniversaries, etc.)?
Yes! Please contact me for details.

Do you photograph newborns?
I take a very limited number of newborn sessions each year. Newborn sessions with me are lifestyle - taken in your home, of your family interacting with your new baby.

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