Wilmington, NC Family Photographer, Bits O' Bacon Photography 2019


I’m a photographer. I like typical photographer things like coffee, being with my kids, not being with my kids and meeting cool people.

I can usually be found wrangling my two young kids, hiding in the closet eating my secret stash of chocolate, watching fail videos on Youtube and drinking cold coffee (not to be confused with iced coffee. Mine became cold by neglect, not on purpose. But I like purposely cold coffee too.)


A Simple hello could lead to a million things

It's my goal to give every client a fantastic experience. Sometimes we'll tell jokes. Other times you'll have tickle wars with the kids. The occasional fart joke may be said. 

It's hard to say exactly what we'll do because I cater each session to the people in front of the lens - that's you! It's my goal to get to know you beforehand from our conversations - and a questionnaire I send client! - so that you can walk into your session relaxed and excited, and walk away having had a great time.