• Amanda

Braving the Beach with Kids: Short and Sweet Tips & Tricks

Updated: May 22, 2019

To those of y'all hitting up the beach this summer, here's a few things we've learned over the years that make trips to the beach a little easier.

Tips and Tricks for Surviving Beach Trips with Kids

Baby Powder. Always keep it handy in the car or down on the beach. It gets sand off of the skin so easily for snack time, or the ride home! Poof that stuff on your kids, and bye bye sand.

Shower curtain. Get an old shower curtain liner, dig a hole and place the curtain on top. Cover a little with sand, fill with water and you have an easy to clean up, safe tide pool for the littles. It's easier than bringing a baby pool, and works just as well.

Sandwich Bags for sand weights. Bring empty sandwich bags and fill with sand, and place it over the towels, blankets or tents to secure them down. You can use the extra ones to store your phone/valuables.

Fitted sheet. Bring a fitted sheet, and shove large items in each corner. It makes a little wall, and should help encourage the toddlers not to stomp wet, sandy feet all over that space. • Leave a jug of water in the car. If you don't have access to a shower, use it to rinse off before getting in the car! Cause tired kids + sand in their cracks = no fun for anyone. lol. An old milk carton usually works perfectly. • Extra towels. Leave them in the car so you have clean, sand free towels after you clean up. Because you know everything you bring down to the beach will end up covered in sand.

Sunscreen. *Put it on BEFORE you go to the beach*. We always apply before we put the kids in the car, so they don't have to wait once there. Reapply often; like every 20 minutes, and always after they get wet. • Spray bottle with water. Mist away, friends. It gets hot out there. • Shade. (Duh). The higher the UV protection, the better. If your kids have a popup tent, you can bring that!

Mesh Bag. A mesh laundry bag or a simple mesh bag works perfect for toys, to keep the sand out and to help everything dry quicker.

Ziplock bags. I use them for everything; extra clothes, snacks go in them, extra ones for the wet bathing suits, etc. It helps keep everything organized, keeps the sand off of unwanted items and helps with easier cleanup. • The obvious. Snacks, towels, lots of water, sand toys, floaty toys, life vests, beer, and more beer. And one of the most important things: Relax!! The kids will stomp all over your towels, you'll find sand in every crevice imaginable, and you'll tell the toddler to stop eating sand more times than you can count. Enjoy the chaos.

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