• Amanda

Cat & Kari | Maternity Story

Updated: Jun 12

I met Cat and her daughter Kari the other day for her Maternity Story. We drove down to Brunswick Nature Part, which is a favorite location of mine. You can get some beautiful shots in the forest and the boardwalk. Y'all, this session was everything - the evening was perfect, Cat was beautiful, Kari was so much fun and the sunset was to die for. Did you know here at BBP I offer maternity clients access to gowns? This is one of the dresses I have available! If you're considering booking me for your Maternity Story, ask to see the dresses I have - my closet is constantly growing and changing. Anyways, back to what really matters here - these ladies! Kari is going to make the best big sister ever, just look at how lovingly she embraced her mama and the little life growing inside of her.

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