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Heidi | Maternity & Boudoir Story

"Everything has changed and yet, I am more me than I've ever been." I can tell you first hand, the biggest regret I have from both of my pregnancies is not getting professional pictures taken. If I could travel back in time and kick myself, I would. Maternity Story's have always been a favorite of mine, but the other week I was able to do a Maternity Boudoir Story, and y'all - oh my GOSH I'm in love. When Heidi reached out to me with her idea, I jumped all over it. We met in Downtown Wilmington, NC the other day for her session at the beautiful Belle Vue. It's a private space that Wilmington, NC Photographers can rent out, and boy is it a little gem in our town. Pssssst! Did you know I have new bundles available? Check them out! They're perfect for expectant mamas who want to capture all the special moments from their bump, to their baby.

There is no limit to what we as women can accomplish! Maternity boudoir captures just that, and offers you a time to celebrate your evolution of body, mind and spirit. It can also give you a whole new appreciation for the amazingness that is your body growing a tiny human.

Show it off, mamas! Or at the very least document it. You deserve it.

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