• Amanda

I See You

To the Mom of a child who bites, I see you.

To the Mom of a child who pushes, I see you.

To the Mom of a child who pinches, I see you.

To the Mom of a child who snatches, I see you.

To the Mom of a child having an epic meltdown, I see you.

I see you swoop in and discipline. I hear you telling your child to use kind hands, to use their words, to take deep breaths. I watch you hug your child.

I see you stand up, and can tell you’re feeling a little defeated — Looking around worrying if anyone else saw that moment. Hoping with every inch of your soul you won’t have another issue.

I see you start to hover over your child. I hear you remind them to be the kind person you know they are. I can tell you are starting to relax, but cannot totally let your guard down.

I see you.

I see how much you love your child, and how much your heart aches for them.

I want to tell you that you are doing an incredible job.

I see the insecurities on your face, and I want to remind you that you 100% your own worst critic.

You are more than enough for your child.

To the Mom who keeps walking in that door to play with your kid knowing that you’ll probably have a breakdown at some point, I see you. It takes a strong woman to keep going. I see you continually make that choice, all for your kid.

To the Mom of a child who is in a hard season of life, I see you. You aren't alone.

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