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Melanie & Anton | Maternity Story

Updated: Jun 12

Melanie reached out to me about doing her Maternity Story, and well YES! 1,000,000 times yes. Maternity pictures are my absolute favorite. It's such an important and special time in a woman's life. She isn't from Wilmington, NC and wanted to do her shoot in a place that was "iconic" to the area. So of COURSE we had to hit up the One Tree Hill Bridge downtown. Have you seen the TV show? After we did pictures at the bridge we drove a couple blocks down the road to downtown and finished up her pictures there. I absolutely LOVE Maternity Photoshoots. This beautiful red dress is another from my client closet of gowns. Did you know BBP offers gowns for maternity clients? My closet is constantly changing and growing, so if you're interested in your Maternity Story hit me up to see what's available for you!

Wilmington, NC Maternity Photographer Bits O' Bacon Photography


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